Why The Ball Has A Different Level Of Distinction? Which Level Of Steel Ball Best?

- Nov 30, 2017-

Ball level is its accuracy, tolerance range, roundness and roughness of a comprehensive evaluation. General ball is divided into G10, G16, G20, G24... G100, G500, G1000 and so on. If one (one) ball is G10, it means that the ball has a diameter variation of 0.25μm, a roundness of 0.25μm, a roughness of 0.25μm and a tolerance of +/- 9μm. It can be seen that a ball reaches G10 level, which proves that the parameters of the ball meet the range covered by G10.

So what level of steel ball is best? In accordance with the status quo of the development of the modern steel ball industry, precision ball factory in the general production G10 ball more, if in accordance with national standards, G3 ball is the highest level ball. However, in the actual production situation, there is no real G3-class ball manufacturer can produce this level of steel ball. The actual production, the strict sense of the G5-class ball is the only few ball factory can produce