What Is The Standard Of CQI-9?

- Nov 30, 2017-

The CQI-9, a heat treatment system review process, was developed in 2006 by AIAG (American Automotive Industry Action Group) and is a consensus AIAG has published about the positioning and regulation of heat treatment systems. Heat Treatment Systems Audit (HTSA) is a complement to customer and product standards that measure the ability of suppliers to meet auditing requirements. Is a product that demonstrates the ability to consistently deliver customer and application requirements and enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the audit system, including continuous system improvement.

Production of steel ball in the process, the heat treatment process is essential ball production process. Steel ball production evaluation criteria are essential for CQI-9 audits in steel ball heat treatment processes. Dry Run Precision Steel Ball Mill CQI-9 heat treatment assessment review, can fully meet the requirements of the ball in the heat treatment process and standards, to provide customers with steel balls to meet the hardness, quenching, tempering and other performance parameters.