The Importance Of Steel Ball

- Nov 30, 2017-

Ball bearings are all kinds of machinery and equipment is a very important foundation, but also the automobile, completion, aerospace and other mechanical industries indispensable important parts. With the development of modern science and technology, the demand for high-end machinery and equipment in our country is telling the growth and putting forward more and more strict requirements on the manufacturing precision of the mechanical parts and components. This urgently requires a large number of high-performance and high-precision ball bearings to be put on the market to meet the needs of the automobile, military, aerospace and mechanical industries, and continuously promote the technological progress of China's defense industry, automobile industry and aerospace industry and enhance the international Competitiveness.

A large number of tests show that the quality of steel balls directly affect the bearing performance. Its various technical indicators include: ball shape error, ball surface roughness, ball surface defects.

1. Ball shape error on bearing performance

Ball shape error is one of the important factors affecting bearing vibration and noise. The larger the shape error, the greater the vibration of the bearing. Bearing rotation, due to the presence of ball shape error, so that the center position of the ball constantly changing, causing the bearing low-frequency vibration and noise.

2. Steel ball surface roughness on the bearing performance

The surface roughness of the steel ball refers to the ball surface of the ball in addition to spherical error, waviness unexpected surface roughness. Steel ball surface roughness of the bearing medium and high frequency vibration has a great impact, so that the bearing noise. Ball surface roughness of the bearing vibration is much larger than the surface of the ferrule channel, the greater the value, the higher the bearing vibration, it must be strictly controlled the surface roughness of the steel ball.

3. Steel ball surface defects on the performance of the bearing

Surface defects of steel balls refer to cracks, scratches, steel corrosion and pitting on the surface of steel balls caused by machining, rust corrosion or raw materials. Due to the ball surface defects will cause the pulse vibration of the bearing, the rotation of the bearing vibration and noise, so the ball does not allow surface defects. The period of the pulse is inversely proportional to the speed of the bearing. Amplitude and size of defects related. Through the test found that the greater the surface of steel ball defects, the higher the value of bearing vibration.