Plastic Ball Bearings

- Nov 30, 2017-

Plastic bearings are generally divided into POM plastic bearings, PP plastic bearings, there PA plastic bearings. POM and PA materials which have good mechanical strength and wear resistance, suitable for the production of more sophisticated plastic bearings. POM plastic bearing surface strength, and smooth, the basic tension does not have good self-lubricating properties and low coefficient of friction. So POM plastic bearings are widely used. Ball bearings used in the ball, glass ball or ceramic ball.

Plastic bearings performance characteristics of rigid, high hardness; but also have good flexibility, good creep resistance. Heat resistance, and dimensional stability. Sliding performance, more wear-resistant. Compared with the bearing made of bearing steel, it is very suitable for mechanical parts.

In plastic bearings, often used to steel balls, as well as ceramic balls. The hardness of these two types of ball is relatively high, excellent wear resistance. With good sliding performance of plastic POM bearings, the bearings in the high-speed rotation to minimize the friction coefficient, thereby reducing the wear rate of the ball and extend the service life of the ball. And, plastic bearings themselves, with good corrosion resistance, good self-lubricating, with excellent electrical insulation, mechanical and electrical equipment, machinery operation, will not be affected. In addition to steel balls, ceramic balls and glass balls are also widely used in plastic bearings. As the ceramic ball and glass ball has good corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance and steel ball flat. Therefore, according to different use of the environment, choose a different ball matching plastic bearings.