German Customers Visit The Factory

- Apr 02, 2018-

It is well known that different processes produce different ball injuries.

Cold heading easily mixed with different diameter steel ball blank size, directly affect the mold of optical grinding, cause light grinding, and grinding and research among competing or rotten ball exists at the beginning of the last all the problems are the oppression on appearance of personnel.

Through experiments with steel ball factory, we found that, if every process steel ball separation time, the appearance of process greatly reduce labor intensity and dramatically improve the efficiency of appearance, the steel ball production process, has obtained the national invention patent of our success.

At the same time, before the finished product packaging, easily in the human factors or circulation box without clean, has carried on the packaging, often mixed with other specifications of steel ball or larger bad ball, cause customer complaints.

After two years of continuous development and experiments, we have finally developed a steel ball separator suitable for the production of steel ball mills.

In August 2013, the German customer to visit our factory and to our high precision seeding machine to give a high evaluation, at the same time booked two back to Germany to try, believe after sorting machine of steel product quality further.

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