Bearing Noise Value Is Affected By What Factors Ball It?

- Nov 30, 2017-

The first is affected by the quality of the steel ball surface. In the ball grinding process, the use of abrasive abrasive inappropriate, or not strictly controlled, a variety of surface defects of steel balls, such as scratches, pits, abrasions and other phenomena will be produced in the grinding process. But also affect the quality of the surface of the ball, it also means that the impact of noise.

Second, the ball spherical error. Ball spherical error mainly affects the low frequency vibration bearing. Ball spherical error is affected by the original accuracy of the incoming material. If the accuracy of the steel ball to keep too much, or the accuracy of abrasive coarse, it will increase the spherical error, affecting the low frequency vibration noise in the bearing.

Finally, the ball surface roughness and finish effects. Ball surface roughness and ball processing technology. If the surface of the larger ripples, the ball in the bearing rotation is not smooth at high speed, resulting in noise. In the same way, the finish of the ball also affects the key element of the noise. This is mainly in the ball cleaning and assurance links. If the surface of the ball is stained with debris, the bearing assembly produces noise during high speed.