Bearing Maintenance Methods

- Nov 30, 2017-

In order to maintain the original performance and function of the bearing in good condition for as long as possible, it is necessary to maintain and overhaul to prevent the possible failure to ensure the reliability of operation and improve the productivity and economy. As a maintenance item in operation, there is bearing rotation noise, vibration, temperature and lubricant condition.

Bearing cleaning: Remove the bearing under inspection, first record the appearance of the bearing to confirm the remaining amount of lubricant, sample inspection lubricant, wash the bearings. General gasoline or kerosene can be cleaned. Cleaning should pay attention to methods. Remove the bearing cleaning, can be divided into rough cleaning and fine cleaning. Respectively on the container, first put the metal mesh bottom, so that the bearing does not directly contact the container of dirt. Rough cleaning, if the bearings with a dirty rotation, will make the bearing rolling surface damage. Therefore, this part of the cleaning must pay attention. In the rough cleaning oil, use a brush to remove grease, stickies, roughly clean, into the fine cleaning, also known as fine cleaning. Fine wash, that is, the bearing in the cleaning oil while rotating, while carefully cleaning the residue. In addition, the cleaning oil also needs to be kept clean.

After cleaning the bearings, access to maintenance and judgment of the link. In order to determine whether the demolition of the bearing can be used, to be cleaned after the bearing inspection. Check items are: raceway, rolling surface, with the state of the surface, the cage wear, as well as the increase in bearing clearance and related dimensional accuracy with or without reduction. Non-separable miniature ball bearings, there is a support level of the inner ring, rotating outer ring to confirm whether the patency. But large-size bearings can not be this approach, the need to pay attention to check the rolling body, raceway surface, cage and stalls and other appearance. In addition, in addition to the bearing itself needs to check the structural components, the ball used in ball bearings also need to make a basic test. Ball With the bearing continuous high-speed rotation, even the highest hardness of the steel ball, the diameter will be reduced with a certain amount of work after a little cut off. If the rotation of the ball bearing is not the highest hardness, the most wear-resistant steel ball, the ball diameter needs more attention and inspection. When the steel ball in high-speed operation environment, in addition to a certain reduction in the diameter of the steel ball, the ball may have a certain degree of surface damage. If the diameter of the steel ball is found to be smaller in time or if there is a scratch on the surface under the microscope, a new batch of steel ball should be immediately replaced for assembly. In order to package the overall operation of bearing performance.