Ball Type And Hardness

- Apr 02, 2018-

Depending on the material, the ball can be divided into bearing steel ball, stainless steel ball, plastic ball, copper ball, ceramic ball, etc.According to the hardness, can be divided into high hardness ball and soft ball;According to the anti-rust ability, can be divided into stainless steel ball, bearing steel ball.

Bearing steel ball because of the material itself, does not have the rust resistance, so, general stock and packaging should add certain anti-rust oil;Bearing steel ball hardness, according to the latest GB/ t308.1-2002 requirements, is generally hrc58-66;Depending on the size, hardness changes.More than -30, hardness is generally hrc61-66;Over 30-50mm, the hardness range is approximately hrc58-64.

Steel ball hardness, in the industrial test mode, is generally mechanical equipment hardness, core hardness and surface hardness.Bearing steel ball as a hard ball is used in the high precision equipment, so the core hardness and surface hardness are similar!