Ball Polishing Process

- Nov 30, 2017-

Steel ball general process After grinding, sorting, sampling and other steps, the basic package can be shipped. Sometimes, according to the use of the environment, the ball also need polishing process. High-precision ball after grinding, in order to further improve the surface finish, can be polished.

Ball polishing refers to the use of high-speed rotation of the low-elastic material consisting of polishing disc, or with low-speed rotation of soft elastic or viscoelastic material consisting of polishing disc, with abrasive polishing agent, the ball in the polishing disc In the ball with the same nature of the grinding surface light brightening method. The general polishing process, the purpose is to improve the surface finish of the steel ball, but can not improve the ball accuracy and roundness. However, with the development of science and technology, steel ball polishing technology continues to improve, in recent years, there have been floating polishing, hydration polishing and other methods, in addition to reducing the frizzled ball surface, but also improve the ball roundness and accuracy.