Ball Cracking Analysis

- Nov 30, 2017-

Heat treatment is the metal material on a certain medium heating, insulation, cooling, after changing the material surface or internal microstructure to control its ability to a metal thermal processing techniques. After the heat treatment, there is stress, and if the internal stress is great, it will affect the ball's internal structure, easy to follow-up processing and finished products during the process of cracking, so we generally need to be strengthened after heat treatment, strengthening is Gradually consume internal stress, optimizing the internal structure of the steel ball, do a good job this step will not produce the above said ball cracking problem.

After the above description, we can easily know the ball crack and crack is how the result of the. The final reason for cracking or cracking of the steel ball is that the internal stress of the steel ball is affected after the heat treatment of the steel ball and the internal structure of the steel ball is affected, resulting in cracking or cracking during the subsequent processing and application.