32 Steel Ball Factories Were Shut Down

- Mar 15, 2018-

On the 22nd, the municipal environmental protection bureau supervised the environmental improvement of the city.It is understood that there are 32 "scattered" steel ball processing plants in wanggudian street, the city's high-tech zone, and the steel ball mills have been shut down.

According to the environmental requirements, the enterprise will build a tertiary sewage sedimentation tank.

Feicheng tianyuan industry and trade co., LTD. Is a manufacturer of 3,240 tons of steel ball, which is a factory with nearly 20 years of production history.The reporter followed the steering group to the company, the company has already produced all kinds of steel ball, the environment in the factory has been improved, neat and orderly.

According to ma qingrui, general manager of the company, the company's environmental rectification mainly focuses on the sewage sedimentation tank."In the original production mode, the sewage is the natural seepage, which has certain pollution to the environment.In accordance with the requirements of the environmental protection department, we have built a three-level sewage sedimentation tank, which ensures that there is no leakage and no external drainage.The wastewater can be reused as a cooling treatment water after precipitation.Ma also said that since the water is not very clean, they will continue to study the addition of relevant equipment."We didn't know it well before, and now companies know that we need to grow and not sacrifice environmental protection."Said ma.

The 13 steel ball factories ordered to close have been dismantled.

It is understood that the king of the melon shop street ball industry started in the late 1980 s, although after years of development and accumulation, improve, but a majority of steel enterprises still adopt a home, a company for only one mode of production, not form a complete production chain, the production of products and the quality is not high, coupled with environmental protection procedure is not sound, sewage treatment, has not adapt to the new demand of current green economy development.In the crackdown on environmental issues, 32 "scattered" steel mills were shut down, 13 of which were ordered to close and 19 factories were overhauled.So far, all the factories ordered to close have been dismantled.

After the improvement of environmental protection, the living environment of the people in wangwa street was improved.The formed steel ball industrial park street planning, overall planning, construction, centralized management, reduce the enterprise cost according to regulation, ensure enterprise legal management, to resume production after the rectification of the enterprise and the newly introduced formal enterprises to establish a supervision system, and properly arrange close enterprise workers' jobs.

"Next, we will step up oversight and organize law enforcement to blanket these companies.To the environmental protection procedure perfect enterprise, the key to check whether to meet the standard discharge.If the discharge is exceeded, the power cuts shall be taken, and the rectification shall be made immediately.If the environmental protection procedures are not complete, we will suspend production and rectification, and we will resolutely ban the environmental protection procedures.Fei city environmental protection agency staff said.